Cal Poly School Songs

All Hail Green and Gold

Written by H.P. Davidson, “All Hail Green and Gold” is Cal Poly’s Alma Mater.

All Hail, Green and Gold,
May your praises e’er be told
Of Friendship, and of courage
And stalwart ones of old!
All Hail, Green and Gold,
In your name we shall prevail,
So to California Polytechnic,
Hail! Hail! Hail!

Ride High You Mustangs MP3

Written by H.P. Davidson, “Ride High You Mustangs” is Cal Poly’s official fight song.

Ride High, You Mustangs!
Kick the frost out, burn the breeze
Ride High, You Mustangs!
Those bow-wows we'll knock to their knees
Hi! Ki! Yi!

Ride High, You Mustangs!
Chin the moon and do it right
Ride High and cut a rusty
Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Cal Poly Slang
  • "bow-wows": Fresno State Bulldogs, former football rivals

Yea PolyMP3

“Yea Poly” became an official Cal Poly’s school song in 2009. The music was written by H.P. Davidson with lyrics by Joshua Parker (CSC 2009).

On Pacific shores, 'neath Bishop Peak
Along the serene San Luis Creek
Lies our alma mater, grand as can be!

Many a foe will stalk her ground
But we, mighty Mustangs, won't be found
But valiantly marching to victory!
Strike up the band for all to hear!
For our alma mater, sing and cheer!
Ride high and she'll never fail!
Banners of green and gold will raise
And so will the echoes of her praise
For Cal Poly will prevail!


Send Out A CheerMP3

Written by H.P. Davidson.

Send out a cheer for dear old Polytech
Lift up your heads and let it ring

We'll sing our praises to you always
and our best to you, we'll bring

Tear up the field you roaring Polytech
and let the cheering fill the sky

We are the Mustangs!
The mighty Mustangs!

We'll win or know the reason why!

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